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Psilocybin Cup Winner 2021 For Highest Potency

Intermediate to Intense feeling

Micro dose recommended 



Some even suggest that Melmac’s are closer to the original Penis Envy, introduced to mycologists around the world in the 1970s. Although, the validity of this claim is subject to debate. These peculiar fungi are sometimes called “Melmac Penis Envy” or “Homestead Penis Envy” mushrooms. Penis Envy mushrooms are famous for their distinctive curved shape and unusual growth patterns. Yet, despite its unusual appearance, the Melmac mushroom strain comes with all of the same benefits you’d come to expect from any Psilocybe cubensis mushroom. 

Quater -   70.00

Half Oz - 125.00

Full Oz - 220.00

Hill Billy

 Hillbilly Cubensis hails from Arkansas, and it’s a highly potent member of the Cubensis fungi family. It’s comparable to other members of that family, like Golden Teachers and Amazonians. This strain can now be found growing naturally in 5 other continents. Hillbillys have a typical Cubensis appearance, their caps are smaller and shallow with a distinct orange colouring throughout. The stalk of the Hillbilly is a bit smaller in diameter than the cap, it starts off thicker at the top of the stalk near the cap and tapers down closer to the base of the mushroom.

This mushroom is great all round mushroom for beginners and intermediate shroomers

Quater -   65.00    Half Oz - 110.00   Full Oz - 185.00

White Rabbit

The White Rabbit (WR) mushroom is an albino Psilocybe strain resulting from the hybridization of Albino Penis Envy and Moby Dick. 

The two “mother strains” of White Rabbit are world-renowned for their incredible psilocybin levels. These psychedelic genetics have been passed down to the White Rabbit strain, and some consider it to be one of the most potent Psilocybe cubensis strains on the planet.

Quater  - 70.00    Half Oz - 125.00   Full Oz - 225.00

Penis Envy

though many also consider it a variety that stands out for its potency. In cultivation forums, you’ll often read the phrase “a cube is a cube” referring to the fact that despite the many different Psilocybe cubensis varieties available, they’re mostly similar in terms of both growing requirements and potency. However many consider Penis Envy to be of particularly high potency, something that seems to be confirmed by the work of Oakland Hyphae and the Psilocybin Cup,

Quater -  65.00   Half Oz - 110.00   Full Oz - 190.00

liberty Caps

Known by numerous names—Liberty Caps, Blue Legs, Pixie Caps, Witches Hats—Psilocybe semilanceata is an unassuming innocent-looking mushroom, often happily growing next to many similar species, including Panaeolus spp. and Protostropharia semiglobata. Like Psilocybe cubensis, Liberty Caps grow in fields and pastures, but prefer the cold of temperate climates. Found growing in fall and spring, these delicate-looking, slender mushrooms are among the most potent Psilocybe species.


Great White Mamoth

Great Mammoth Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis) strain is amongst the best Shrooms varieties in distribution. With its medical benefits and effects, this strain can help with various health issues. For instance, it can treat anxiety, depression, nausea, and disorientation, among others. You can grow it and realize the anticipated yield, as long as you tend to them well.

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Super Golden Teachers

Golden Teachers mushrooms are one of the most commonly used psilocybin mushrooms. They are not a species, but instead a strain of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms.

These mushies can be found in tropical climates all over the world. Dried cubensis contain 0.14-0.42% psilocin and 0.37-1.30% psilocybin, respectively. If you purchase grow kits from a commercial source, the potency will be more consistent, making Psilocybe cubensis an excellent choice for beginners who want to be able to accurately dose their experience.

Magic mushrooms vary in potency, but all contain compounds that can produce psychedelic effects. Whether you're looking for a powerful experience or just want to expand your knowledge on mushroom trivia, these six fungal species are some of the most potent  around!


White Teachers

Golden Teachers crossed by White Rabbit


pricey but well worth it

Quater  _ 85.00

Half Oz - 150.00

Full Oz - 280.00

Golden Teachers

Beginner level- smooth trip - funnies and laughing - yawns and waves



WE GOT YOU COVERED - When it comes to micro dosing, Microdosing psychedelics may offer unique health benefits, according to a growing body of research.

A new study found that people who reported microdosing psilocybin saw improvements in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress compared to people who did not microdose psychedelics

SCHEDULE FOR DOSING : Take 1 capsule for first two days each day, then wait a day. Then on day 4 take two capsules. Take a day off and then repeat the pattern

30 capsule per bag (1 month supply)  


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